Friday, August 5, 2011

I feel like the WORST Blogger ever!

Hello...again it has been awhile since my last post! I feel so bad when I don't blog often. My last reason was because my family surprised me with a trip to San Diego for my 50th birthday! This time I don't have a reason other than sometimes life gets in the way of doing the things you want to do! My husband and my other family members all chipped in and are sending me to Creative Escape in August!  I have been wanting to go to this for years and now this year I will finally be able to. It is the last year for this exciting event- I am excited to be going but sad that it will be the last year. All the classes and meals are included. My work also surprised me with 2 paid nights at the hotel- Sheraton Wildhorse Pass. All I need to do is pack up my stuff and take some spending money with me. Since it is held in Arizona and that's where I live I do not need to fly anywhere.  Here is the birthday card my husband made for me (he wanted to show what a bad card maker he is-haha) so he made the worst looking card he could possibly come up with! I really don't think it is THAT bad. I am so thankful to have such thoughtful family members and friends. Anyway here is the card that my husband Anthony made for me. I don't have the recipe or measurements because it is his creation. Also a few photos of my 50th. Thanks for looking.

Crafy hugs,

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